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  • DeToni Patisserie and Bakery - Macaron and Croquembouche Tower

    De Toni Macaron Tower
  • DeToni Patisserie and Bakery - Macarons 6 Gift Pack

    De Toni French Macarons Gift Pack
  • DeToni Patisserie and Bakery Macarons

    De Toni Macarons
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    De Toni French Macarons 12 Gift Pack
  • DeToni Patisserie and Bakery - Macarons

    De Toni Macarons

Our Macarons

Delightful and delicious meringue-based confections, french macarons are melt in the mouth decadence. These gluten free treats are a singular mouthful of extraordinary flavour and texture and are equally perfect as bomboniere or as a sweet finish to a meal.

The macaron was first born in Italy centuries ago, but it is now an exquisite Parisian specialty. The macaron is simple in nature, made only from finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Its distinctive feature lies in its almond flavour and round shape. When bitten into, its delicate but crunchy outer shell gives way to a soft almond meringue on the inside. For a heavenly experience, two macaron halves are stuck together and filled with a rich chocolate ganache, custard or flavoured Creme au Beurre.

See our Gallery of Macarons above or download our Macaron brochure to see the many different flavors DeToni offers to satisfy your palets. Also contact DeToni for any further information.

Buy macarons online via the De Toni online store »

De Toni Macaron Flavours

De Toni Macaron Blood Orange

De Toni Macarons Blueberry

De Toni Macarons Cheesecake

De Toni Macarons Chocolate

De Toni Macarons Christmas Blueberry

De Toni Macarons Christmas Vanilla

De Toni Macarons White Chocolate

De Toni Macarons Coffee

De Toni Macarons French Vanilla

De Toni Macarons Giandiua

De Toni Macarons Keffir Lime & Coconut

De Toni Macarons Mango

De Toni Macarons OREO Cookie

De Toni Macarons Passionfruit

De Toni Macarons Pina Colada

De Toni Macarons Pistachio

De Toni Macarons Popcorn

De Toni Macarons Raspberry

De Toni Macarons Salted Caramel

De Toni Macarons Caramel Praline

De Toni Macarons Strawberry

De Toni Macarons Watermelon

DeToni Macaron Tower

DeToni Macaron Tower

A rrench macaron tower is great as an addition to sweet tables at weddings and special events or as an alternative to traditional wedding cakes.

The towers are offered in various sizes:

Approximately 75 macarons - $225 

Approximately 100 macarons - $300 

Approximately 150 macarons - $375  

Approximately 200 macarons - $500 

Approximately 300 macarons - $750

Decide on 3-4 different colours/flavours, customers can leave comments for colours. Amaze your guest with ‘WOW’ effect having this attractive and trendy French macaron tower at your party or event.

DeToni Croquembouche Tower

DeToni Croquembouche

The tower is offered in various sizes:

  • Small: approximately 100 profiteroles- $200
  • Medium: approximately 150 profiteroles- $300
  • Large: approximately 200 profiteroles- $380
  • Extra Large: approximately 250 profiteroles $480

The profiteroles are traditionally filled with Vanilla Creme patissiere, Grand Marnier creme or chocolate creme. Another options are Hazelnut Praline, Raspberry and Mango cremeux.

Pate Choux buns flavours are then dipped in caramel toffee and either left plain or dipped in sugar pearls.

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