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Klemen Popit, Entrepreneurial Award Recipient  main image Klemen Popit, Entrepreneurial Award Recipient  image
Klemen Popit, Entrepreneurial Award Recipient

Klemen Popit 
Entrepreneurial Award Recipient 

Congratulations Klemen Popit the inaugural recipient of the Entrepreneurial Award presented at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Culinary Arts Graduation August 2011. The Entrepreneurial Award is only given where a student in Pâtisserie or Cuisinedemonstrates business excellence shaped from their education at Le Cordon Bleu.

The award was sponsored by Jian Yao, owner of Continental Pâtisserie Australia Pty Ltd located in Sydney. Jian was chosen to sponsor this award as a result of his own complementary experiences as a former architect, turned chef entrepreneur.

The winner of this prestigious award was Pâtisserie graduate Klemen Popit. Klemen's studies in the Pâtisserie program have enhanced all of his abilities and senses while combining his love and passion for pastry and providing the opportunity to begin his career in the industry. He and his wife now run De Toni Pâtisserie & Bakery starting with the popular French macarons. Now after moving to a new commercial kitchen two months ago, they have expanded the product range to other French pastries and desserts.

Congratulations Klemen on this great achievement, and good luck in the future!

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