Delightful and delicious meringue-based confections, french macarons are melt in the mouth decadence. These gluten free treats are a mouthful of extraordinary flavour and texture and are equally perfect as bomboniere or as a sweet finish to a meal.

The macaron was first born in Italy centuries ago, but it is now an exquisite Parisian specialty. The macaron is simple in nature, made only from finely ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Its distinctive feature lies in its almond flavour and round shape. When bitten into, its delicate but crunchy outer shell gives way to a soft almond meringue on the inside. For a heavenly experience, two macaron halves are stuck together and filled with a rich chocolate ganache, custard or flavoured Creme au Beurre.

Have You Tried Macarons?
Macarons are meringue-based sweet confectionery made of egg whites, sugar, and almond flour. It is the result of Italian Meringue and French Meringue mixing. They are small in size and range in colour from bright to dark. The word macaron comes from the Italian word "Maccarone" which means "large lump". The name is due to their resemblance to pasta shells. They are often filled with flavoured buttercream or ganache, but some people like them as they are.

Try Our Macarons!
We believe patisserie has a place in everyday life and it is our passion to share that through our macarons near you. Refined from savoury ingredients, we reverse-engineered the family recipes to create a lighter, airy macaron than what is sold in most bakeries. Our macarons are fluffier and contain less fat than their traditional counterparts. And because they taste best when eaten right away, we have developed relationships with locals, who help us introduce delicious De Toni macarons to the community.

Our macarons have captured the hearts of pastry lovers. With our newly introduced savoury flavours, it's easy to enjoy these delightful treats any time of the day. Our macarons stand out for their freshness and versatility: we offer an assortment of both classic and contemporary flavours, including unique fillings and toppings. Our macarons feature a moist but not soggy interior, with a smooth shell that snaps in the mouth, delivering a perfect balance of flavours and textures.

What Makes Us Stand Out?
De Toni Patisserie is one of the most unique and professional patisseries around. Many patisseries offer macarons and other pastries, but De Toni Patisserie is one of the few that provides a combination of breathtakingly and high-quality macarons, a variety of pastries, gourmet coffees, and desserts. You don’t need to go looking for macarons near me anymore as De Toni is right at your service.

In an age where desserts are increasingly expensive, De Toni is a refreshing alternative. Our macarons are incredibly delicious, with each bite filled with a perfect blend of crunchiness and fluffiness from the texture of the shell to the filling inside. With over a decade of experience, De Toni Patisserie and Bakery is the place to go for all your pastry and baking needs. We are committed to providing our customers with products that will satisfy them, from our beautiful wedding cakes to our tasty croissants. Our wide variety of pastries makes us the "go-to" bakery in Sydney.

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If you have any queries or require some sort of assistance, you can always find us at Unit 2/17 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest NSW, 2100. Compose a mail at, or you can also call us at 02 9939 8183 or 02 9451 2584, and we will connect right with you! De Toni looks forward to treating you with the most delicate macarons you have had!